Utilities & Services


Greenlight – Fastest Internet Speeds in NC

Greenlight is a fiber optic communications system owned and operated by the City of Wilson. This system brings advanced cable, Internet and telephone services to the residents and businesses of Wilson. To best meet the needs of the community, the system is a Fiber To The Home System ensuring the availability of reliable and advanced services for homes and businesses.

Greenlight has bandwidth to support 100Mbps Internet, making it the highest-speed business/residential Internet available in North Carolina. Unlike other providers making promises for the future, fiber technology makes this possible today! To meet your specific needs, we offer four levels of Internet bandwidth.

Wilson's community network, marketed as Greenlight, has the fastest Internet speeds in North Carolina – from 10 Mbps all the way up to 100 Mbps, many times faster than anything else available here.  Greenlight also offers beautiful TV channels, including HD and a phone plan that includes unlimited long distance to the US and Canada.

Service is available throughout Wilson. Check the Greenlight website for pricing and availability.

To become a member, call 252-296-3374

To reach live, local technical support at any time, call 252-399-2200


Other services also available in Wilson include:


 AT&T 1-866-713-9913


Wilson Energy

Wilson Energy offers reliable electric and natural gas services to the homes, businesses and industries of our growing community.

Wilson Economic Development Council and Wilson Energy work directly with local industries to find cost-saving improvements that still deliver the reliable electrical power they need to run their facilities.  Our natural gas supply is also reliable and, thanks to improving market conditions, our natural gas rates have dropped 40% since early 2009.

Electric and natural gas rates can be obtained by contacting the Wilson Economic Development Council at 800.241.4920.