Wilson’s utility and communications systems are unsurpassed in the region. Wilson Energy offers reliable electric and natural gas services to the homes, businesses and industries of our growing community. Greenlight will ensure your company is able to connect all over the world (and web!), while Wilson Water Services keeps businesses and homes running affordably with the cleanest and most abundant water reservoirs in the state.

Greenlight – Fastest Internet Speeds in NC

Greenlight is a fiber optic communications system owned and operated by the City of Wilson. This system brings advanced cable, Internet and telephone services to the residents and businesses of Wilson. To best meet the needs of the community, the system is a fiber-to-the-home network ensuring the availability of reliable and advanced services for homes and businesses. Two decades of planning have come together to produce this community-owned fiber network, and its goals remain steadfast: supporting the economic health of the community, improving the delivery of city services, and enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Wilson.

Greenlight has bandwidth to support 1Gbps Internet, making it the highest-speed business/residential Internet available in North Carolina. Service is available throughout Wilson. Check the Greenlight website for pricing and availability.

Other services also available in Wilson include:

Wilson Energy

City of Wilson and Wilson Energy offers reliable electric and natural gas services to the homes, businesses and industries of our growing community. Wilson Economic Development Council and Wilson Energy work directly with local industries to find cost-saving improvements that still deliver the reliable electrical power they need to run their facilities. Wilson Energy electric distribution system is the fourth largest municipal distribution center in North Carolina and holds a spot amongst 32 cities in the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency, which seeks to ensure power across our region of the state both reliably and affordably. Once purchased from Duke Energy Progress, electricity enters Wilson via large transmission lines that typically carry a charge of 115,000 volts. From there, it travels to one of the City’s substations where it is reduced to distribution level, typically 12,470 to 25,000 volts.

Wilson Energy natural gas distribution system consists of four supply points, twelve regulator stations, and more than 390 miles of pipeline. It is one of eight municipal gas distribution systems in North Carolina, and on the basis of customer numbers, is the third largest amongst those. Wilson Energy natural gas supply is also reliable and, thanks to improving market conditions, our natural gas rates have dropped 40% since early 2009. Taking into account the cost differential during seasons of higher demand, the average Firm Industrial natural gas rate for 2018 was $9.63 per MCF. The average Small Industrial Interruptible natural gas rate for 2018 was $8.27 per MCF. Visit WilsonNC.org for more information about electric and natural gas rates or contact us at the Wilson Economic Development Council at 800.241.4920.


Wilson Water Services

Dependability is a common theme in this list of resources, and perhaps this one we are most proud of – water. It is truly good to the last drop, but rest assured you’ll never have to see that day because of the planning and execution of our county’s water department to ensure our most fluid resource is always clean, always fresh, and always available. The City of Wilson has a Water Treatment Rated Capacity (mgd) of 18,000,000 gpd with the Average Daily Demand (mgd) at 8,900,000 gpd. The Sewer Treatment Rated Capacity (mgd) is 14,000,000 gpd with the Average Daily Demand (mgd) at 8,400,000 gpd.

Wilson County is dedicating to serving the communities water needs and at times has been happy to lend a hand to neighbors – even in the toughest southern droughts, Wilson has been called upon to provide water to nearby cities in great need as our four raw reservoirs, the largest being Buckhorn Reservoir, held strong. Further information regarding water and water rates in Wilson, please visit WilsonNC.org.

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