Wilson County’s education system is a source of pride for its citizens. From a successful public-school system to specialty schools and higher education offerings, the diversity of educational offerings is a positive element in our growing community. The Wilson Academy of Applied Technology, Wilson Early College Academy and Wilson Community College produce a steady stream of skilled young workers who go on to take positions at industrial companies that have also made a home in Wilson.

The Wilson County School System serves 11,164 students, including those from the City of Wilson, in three modern high schools, six middle schools, and 14 elementary schools. Wilson is also home to two early colleges, Wilson Academy of Applied Technology and Wilson Early College Academy where students can hone technological skills and earn an Associate Degree while completing high school education.

Established in 2016, Wilson Academy of Applied Technology (WAAT) takes an innovative approach to early college high school. At its heart, the school is a cooperation between Wilson County Schools, Wilson Community College and local industry leaders. WAAT’s purpose is student-directed learning fused with authentic industry experiences and access to stakeholder relationships within the community. WAAT has a STEM focused curriculum with manufacturing technology being one of the key concentrations. Wilson’s economic and education leaders have come together to identify manufacturing as Wilson’s largest industry, hence the school’s mission to equip students with a high school degree, Associate Degree and necessary skills to take on what awaits them in Wilson’s job market.

Wilson Early College Academy (WECA) is designed for students who may be underprepared in a traditional setting but have the academic potential and willingness to accept the challenge to accelerate their future by attending high school and college simultaneously. WECA partners with Wilson Community College to award graduates a high school diploma as well as college transferable credit or an associate degree, preparing students for entry into Wilson’s workforce.

Wilson Community College

Wilson Community College (WCC) is an accredited institution awarding associate degrees, diplomas and certificates on a part-time, full-time and online basis. As it relates to industry needs, WCC provides industrial related curriculum and specific training for individual companies on request. A few such programs are: Manufacturing Engineering; Drafting & Design; Plastics; Information Systems; Electrical/Electronics Technology; Automotive Systems Technology; Heavy Equipment and Transport. Through the years, WCC and Wilson County have been partners in recognizing the necessity of skilled employees, and as such a cooperation exists to make sure citizens have access to courses and trainings for varied industries. For more information about the training and skills to be learned at WCC, visit https://www.wilsoncc.edu/academics/industrial-technologies/.

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